Fellowships / Costs

Latin American students (a)

All Latin American students selected in the course will have a complete fellowship that will cover the total cost of the course, including course fees, board and lodging, and transportation between Santiago and Quintay, the place of the course.

Travel Fellowship: partial and total fellowship to cover the cost of travelling between their current location and Santiago-Chile will be available.

The amount awarded will be based upon the availability of funding. It is advised that students should procure their own travel fellowship from other sources. The requirements for a fellowship should be indicated in the Application Form, indicating the amount requested.

Non-Latin American students (b)

SDB Fellowships for student from USA and Canada

The Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) will give two fellowships to students from USA or Canada to support their participation in the Quintay Course. Each fellowship will cover the course fees (US$1500) and air fare to Santiago-Chile (US$500). Students interested in applying to this fellowship need to be accepted in the Quintay Course first, and they should be SDB members in good standing at the time of application. The deadline for application is 31 July 2022 and the results will be informed by e-mail on 30 August 2022.    

Other fellowships

Partial Fellowships will be available for non-Latin American Students that are not eligible to apply to the fellowships mentioned above.  Please indicate in the application form whether a partial fellowship is required, and the amount needed.


Cost* International Course in Developmental Biology. Quintay-Chile 2023
Students Cost (1) Fellowship (2) To be paid (1-2)
Latin American (a) 5000 5000 0
Non Latin American (b) 5000 3500 1500**


*Costs (in US$ dollars) include: course fees, accommodation in Cimarq-Quintay-Chile; all meals, transport Santiago-Quintay-Santiago.

(1) Total cost of the course

(2) Fellowship. Each selected student will get a fellowship.

(1-2) Amount to be paid on site by the students

**SDB fellowship will cover this difference (see SDB Fellowship for student from USA and Canada)

(a) Latin American students correspond to applicants that are currently working/studying in Latin America, regardless their nationality

(b) Non-Latin American students correspond to applicants that are currently working/studying in a non-Latin American country, regardless their nationality