• To train young Latin American investigators in the State-of-the-Art approach to Development Biology.

• To foster interaction, at the bench and during lectures, between world leader developmental biologists (see Faculty) and young investigators. An open and relaxed environment will be promoted in the magnificent Centre of Marine Biology Research (CIMARQ)

• Although the course is intended primary for Latin American students it is also open for non-Latin American investigators (see How to apply), to establish links and promote a culture of international collaboration that will further contribute to the field.

The course will offer 6 places for non-Latin American students and 14 for Latin American students. Fellowships will be available.

Description of the course: an intensive 13 day laboratory and lecture course for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who seek a broad view of the modern issues of Developmental Biology. Exceptional Latin American undergraduate students may also apply.

Related lectures and laboratories will provide the student with the state-of-the-art of paradigms, problems and methodologies on modern Developmental Biology. The animal model used for laboratories will be zebrafish and locally available fishes; insects (Drosophila, Manduca sexta and others); frog, sea urchin, chick and planarians.

Laboratories will include embryological manipulation (cell ablation, tissue grafting), molecular genetic (RNA microinjection, electroporation) and cell biology approaches (cell lineage and migratory behavior).

The students will present their current research in an informal and relaxed environment at the end of each day (see program)

Mini-Symposium: In addition to the course a Mini-symposium will be organized at CIMARQ. The Mini-Symposium will last one day and it will be open to everybody, previous registration.

Past Courses

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