History of the Course

Some of the organizers of this Course have been organizing equivalent developmental biology courses in Chile and Latin America for more than 10 years. The first and second courses were held in Santiago, Chile, in 1999 and 2001, respectively.

These practical courses were remarkably successful and provided additional opportunity for the students to learn new lab protocols and to interact with the speakers.

An additional outcome of these courses was the creation of an informal network of Latin American Developmental Biologists, which finally led to the creation of the Latin American Society of Developmental Biology (LASDB) in 2003, together with the 3rd DB Course and the 1st LASDB meeting in Valle Nevado, Chile.

After this 1st foundational meeting hold in Chile, several biannual meeting have been organized in different Latin American countries (Brazil, 2005; Mexico, 2007; Argentina, 2008; Chile, 2010). In most of these meetings a satellite practical course has been organized:

In 2005, José Xavier Neto organized the second satellite course jointly with the Society for Developmental Biology (SDB), which was held in Juquehy, Brazil.

In 2008, Pablo Wappner organized the 3rd satellite course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, jointly with Eric Wieschaus (SDB).

In November 2010, Juan Larrain and Miguel Allende organized the 4th satellite in Santiago Chile, jointly with the SDB.

The satellite course to the VI LASDB was organized in Uruguay.

In January 2010 a pilot Developmental Biology course was organized at the Marine Biology Station of Quintay-Chile (CIMARQ) which belongs to Universidad Andres Bello. The organizers of that course were the current organizers of the 2012-Quintay Course, plus K. Whitlock and J. Ewer (from U. Valparaiso); the inspiring and important support from Maria Ines Vera (UNAB) was essential for the organization of this first course at CIMARQ, which was remarkable successful.